Why I’m going to the 50th Anniversary of the March on Washington

20 Aug

My 12 year old daughter and I will be joining the Kentucky Mobilization to attend the 50th Anniversary of the March on Washington this weekend.   Some folks have asked why I am going.  Besides the answer of “I wasn’t alive 50 years ago to attend the first one!” here are the top 10 reasons you could not keep me away:

1. Because at my kids’ schools, there are very few African American kids in the advanced program (GT) which speaks to many, many interconnecting issues – not one of which is actually related to how intelligent a child is.

2. Because many white people didn’t understand why African Americans were so devastated by what happened to Trayvon Martin.

3.  Because I don’t have to have a talk with kids about how to behave when pulled over, or tell them that they should let someone else stand up for them if they are unjustly accused by someone in authority…and no one else should have to have these talks either.

4. Because “more black men are behind bars or under the watch of the criminal justice system [now] than there were enslaved in 1850.”  1 in 3 black men have been or will be incarcerated, the vast majority for nonviolent drug offenses, taking them away from family and also disenfranchising them.  They can’t get jobs to support their families, they can’t work – this is a new jim crow.

5. Because more chemical companies and power plants are put into poor communities and communities primarily made up of people of color.

6. Because “legacy” rules like this one at the Fire Department New York and at colleges all over the country continue to give preference to white students whose white parents were involved in the institution even if they are not as capable. Remember, many of these institutions were explicitly racist at some point and did not allow people of color, so continuing the “legacy” program perpetuates a system of racism.

7. Because African Americans receive poorer health care than white americans.

8.  Because a black woman won’t get hired as quickly as a white woman and many employers still discriminate based solely on a person’s name.

9.  Because as soon as the Voting Rights Act was repealed by SCOTUS, states like TX moved to put in discriminatory voting laws.

10. Because MLK’s Dream has not yet been realized and because I want to be part of the solution.

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