why E.T. matters.

5 Dec

I like space and extra-terrestrials and mystery and wonder and human ingenuity and so much more. And they all combine in this paper I wrote in July and presented to my study group in November: Why ET Matters

From the Introduction:

For as long as Homo sapiens have existed, we have gazed up into the stars and told stories: stories about the gods who dwell in the heavens; stories about life that might be out there; stories that indicate that we might be from “out there.” As anthropologist Kathryn Denning points out “people were considering what contact with life from another world would be like, long before we had the scientific means to actually search for it.”

The advent of the Science Fiction genre in the early 20th century expanded our storytelling about what may or may not be “out there.” Today, half of the movies in the top 10 “All-Time USA Box Office” list deal with extra-terrestrial life in some shape or form. We love speculating about aliens.

Our science and technology are beginning to catch up to our imaginations…

I was going to keep footnoting and editing sections until I realized that if I did that, I would never be done. So here it is, a work in progress.

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