hectic mornings.

5 Jul

Sometimes, you just gotta laugh.

This morning, one of my kiddos started a new summer camp and the orientation for parents ran 20 minutes longer than I expected it would, making me late for my morning meeting.  I had brought the puppy with me (which I do several times a week), so I had to try to get her to pee before I went in for my meeting, making me even later.  The family gathered, watching my frantic antics through the lovely windows we have in the lobby.

Trying to rush the puppy (which, btw, doesn’t do anything except make her excited), I bashed my head against a low hanging branch.  Now I know the difference between what a general bump and a bump-that-will-bleed feels like.

With my head bleeding slightly, I went into my meeting, apologized profusely.  The very lovely family had just lost their patriarch and were looking to use our building for the memorial service.  I don’t usually handle building details like this, but the staff is out of town, so I filled in best I could. I was not at my best.

During the entire meeting, we could hear the puppy barking incessantly in my office (having been thrown in there unceremoniously in my haste).  The matriarch loves dogs and by the end of our meeting was asking to see the puppy.  I warned her that the puppy had not been out and might make a mess, but she (the widow) really needed a doggie cuddle, so against my better judgment, I brought the puppy out.

The puppy then proceeded to pee all over the widow’s lovely (white) outfit.  I was mortified, the kids were mortified, but she just laughed, and laughed, and snuggled with the puppy even more.

I am blessed (and cursed) with one of the most affectionate dogs I have ever met, so if you ever need pet therapy, and don’t mind a little piddle, you know where to find us.  She has brightened a lot of peoples days so far since I started bringing her to work, but this was a first.

Blood and urine, sweat and tears, all in one morning.  And yet, in spite of it all, or perhaps because of it all, I just gotta laugh.  Life and death are messy, messy things over which I might try to have some control, but it is mostly just an illusion.  I will have an easier time when I learn to accept that and not fight against it.

One Response to “hectic mornings.”

  1. Claudia Runge July 5, 2011 at 11:27 am #

    Amen. Thanks for sharing, Dawn.

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