Standing on the Side of Love

19 Feb

We had a fabulous “Freedom to Marry” service at church on Valentines Day. The Senior High provided music, the middle-schoolers put on a skit based on the book King & King.  The technology worked just like it was supposed to and so people were able to hear (and mostly see) this clip from Iowa Senator Gronstal.  It was good – I even heard some hoots and clapping during the sermon, something I had not heard before at this church.

Then we got to the last hymn. I have been making it a practice to choose one hymn from “the old hymnal” and one hymn from the new supplement in an effort to help the congregation learn some of the great new songs in the supplement.  Before the service, however, our professional accompanist asked if I was “out to get him.”  I obviously must have looked confused because he quickly shared how difficult this song was to play, and that he would do his best, but….

All things considered, the congregation did a really good job with a very difficult song they had never sung before.  Since I plan on using this song a lot, and since even those who read music have a hard time with it, I thought it might be helpful for some of us to hear what it is supposed to sound like.  This link is the closest I could find.  But be warned!  Since it is a solo, the singer “travels” across the notes more than we would when singing this as a congregation.

Give us a few months, and we will sound great.  I can’t wait!

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